Foreign exchange services
International payment transfers
Cost effective global payment management

Managing the transfer of funds to pay employees at the right time and accurately can be costly and time consuming, particularly when foreign exchange and international payment transfers are required. At Paycheck Plus we manage this process for international businesses, arranging the payment of salaries, government taxes, pensions and other third party sums. Our foreign exchange service allows you to deposit the required funds locally and we take it from there, eliminating international bank transfer fees.

Paycheck Plus were able to offer PPD the support required when setting up in a new country. They provided us with the broadest range of services and knowledge.
Jim McLaughlin, Accountant, PPD Development, Ireland
Simple, speedy and cost efficient
  • Speed of payment
    Typically just 48hrs for international payment transfers.
  • No need for overseas bank accounts
    You deposit funds to a bank account in your country.
  • Global solution
    Our FX partner is licensed to service 31 EU countries, USA, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and more.
  • Reduce foreign exchange risk
    No need to hold funds in multiple currencies .
  • Stress-free and error-free
    Our experienced specialists manage the payment of your international employees using processes, checks and procedures that ensure everyone gets paid the right amount at the right time.